Dress Code

Trinitas Study Center Dress Code

There is no single style or form of attire (either for men or for women) that is considered to be “the only” biblical style.  At the Study Center, we do not intend to imply our rules are the only right way.  Nonetheless, we are fully aware that many contemporary styles do violate biblical principles. We also believe the way we dress affects our inner attitudes.  The individual who dresses with care will also exercise care in other areas of life.

  1. The Study Center asks that students not wear tight-fitting clothes (such as spandex or close-fitting jeans, skirts, etc.) or ones generally revealing in the way they fit.  No tights can be worn as pants.
  2. The Study Center requires dresses, skirts, culottes, or skorts be no shorter than three inches above the knee when the student is sitting.  This includes any slits that may be in the garment.There are no exceptions with the length of dresses, skirts, culottes, skorts, or shorts when wearing leggings or tights.
  3. Shorts, as with dresses and skirts, may not be shorter than three inches above the knee when the student is sitting. Shorts need to be hemmed.  No cut-offs are allowed.
  4. Clothes need to fit so that the stomach and back are covered at all times.
  5. The “slag” or “droop” look is prohibited.  Therefore, pants may not be worn below the hips, and underwear may not be exposed.  Purposefully oversized and baggy clothing may not be worn.
  6. Jeans and other pants need to be clean and free of holes and frays.
  7. Clothing may not have inappropriate or offensive language, pictures, or statements contrary to Study Center standards.  Pants, shorts, or skirts with language or pictures on the seat are not permitted.
  8. Girls:  Tops may be worn untucked, provided they are hip length.  Necklines are not to be so low that they are immodest–no cleavage showing.  No tank tops or spaghetti straps are permitted–no bra straps showing.
  9. Boys may not wear earrings or necklaces. Hats need to be removed inside the building.
  10. Body piercing or tattoos are not permitted (with the exception of girls’ pierced ears).
  11. Students are expected to arrive ready for class with tidy and clean clothes, brushed teeth, combed hair, and clean hands, fingernails, etc.
  12. Any type of sneaker or street shoe is acceptable.  Shoestrings need to be tied.
  13. Students may not wear sweat pants or wind suits.