Code of Conduct

Student Code of Conduct

The following list is comprised of the essential policies that we require all of our students to be aware of and to adhere to.

  1. Students are expected to cooperate with basic Christian Standards of behavior and conversation.  For example: students must speak honestly, respect their peers and submit to authority.
  2. It is expected that students will work diligently, participate in class discussions and concentrate on their work while in school.
  3. Students recognize that they are to be held responsible for their conduct, both in action and attitude, by their parents, tutors and those in authority at Trinitas Study Center.
  4. Prompt and cheerful obedience is expected.  Talking back or arguing with tutors or staff is not permitted.  Clowning around and other forms of disruptive class behavior are prohibited.
  5. Students are expected to treat one another with kindness and respect.  Teasing, criticizing, name-calling and other forms of verbal or physical abuse are not permitted.
  6. Public displays of affection in the context of boy/girl relationships are not permitted at Trinitas Study Center.  Jokes and teasing on this subject are not permitted.
  7. Students must comply with the dress code in all respects.
  8. No eating and drinking is permitted during class time (except when a student has back-to-back classes with no lunch period).
  9. No gum, knives, electronic musical devices, or games are permitted inside the Study Center.
  10. Cell phone use is limited to emergency situations or as otherwise approved by the tutor.  Cell phones are not to be used during class time, between classes, or during study hall.

  11. Computers can be used during study hall for curriculum and study use only (no games or internet).
  12. Electronics violations (musical devices, games, cell phone use, misuse of computers) will result in the device being  placed on the Coordinator’s desk for the duration of the Study Center day.
  13. Study halls are to be quiet for study.  Students who don’t desire to study may sign out & leave within 5 minutes of the beginning of the period and not return till the last 5 minutes of the period.
  14. Students are expected to be aware of and to avoid the off-limits areas of the building/grounds and to treat all of the Study Center’s materials and facilities with respect and care.
  15. Each family is liable for lost or damaged items.
  16. Students accept responsibility to complete all homework assignments in a timely manner.  Any missed work due to absences should be completed in a timely manner as set forth in the Attendance Policy.
  17. Students are expected to arrive on time for class.  A penalty in the classroom participation grade will be given each time a student is late.